Anonymous asked:
hey i love your info graphic about pluto. don't want to bother you and sorry if this seems trivial. i just wanted to say how easy it is to use non gendered language. its a little bit more work than using gendered language but especially in science i think its really important. so i would try to use "laypersons guide" instead of "laymens". thanks for the pluto info!

Not trivial at all! I’ll be sure to use gender-neutral language next time :)


To clarify, all of the base prices are for one character only. The only examples I could find for my art were all couples :’) If you want more than one character, you will need to pay extra. Payment accepted only via Paypal.

I will draw: fictional characters, OCs.

I will not draw: porn, gore, mechas, political/real life figures, etc.

I will be opening only 5 slots this round, so first come first serve! Send me a message at rs-commissions and I will let you know if you’ve made the slot as well as any further details about commissions.

Thank you!

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Hi, I just saw your pluto infographic and I was wondering what font you used because it looks really cool :)

I used this website to make a font out of my own handwriting

I was sure that whatever default photoshop font I chose would look tacky, but my handwriting is messy with a tablet, so I sorta combined the two options to make my own handwriting font that looked casual yet neat. I’m glad you like it!

I’m gonna open up another 5 commissions slots sometime this week (maybe tomorrow if I have the time) so keep an eye out :)

That Pluto thing I mentioned on your other blog



So, here is how the whole Pluto debate works, as far as I understand it.

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Anonymous asked:
you made a hell of a factual error when it comes to your pluto slideshow alright: YOU DON'T HAVE ANY SOURCES OR CITATIONS. I know tumblr is so gullible that if you say it's written on the ceiling they'll just believe you but the people who actually matter won't if they see your slideshow.

Oh man you’re right, I really should’ve linked some sources in the original post, especially since the whole point of it was to combat misinformation, oy. That’s terrible on my part. At least all the info presented is really easy information to find but if it’ll soothe you here are a couple of the sources I used:

wateryphotons asked:
It's interesting to think that there was a Ceres outrage, although back in the day there was a lot less interest in outer space since we'd hardly seen past Mars in terms of basic objects. As for the sun, that was mostly because it was believed to orbit the Earth or some shit. Nice work on the research, by the by.

Makes sense, I suppose there can’t have been too much upheaval when Ceres was changed to an asteroid. It’s almost paradoxical that less space science education among the general public meant less resistance to reclassification of Ceres, while more education and interest today means more overwhelming resistance to the reclassification of Pluto. Human beings are such a confusing species haha!

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I don't have a Tumblr account, so I'm stuck on anonymous asking I guess, but your Pluto infographic still somehow found its way to me, and there's a pair of dates missing from your timeline that I reckoned you might find interesting: 2007 and 2009, when New Mexico and Illinois (respectively) declared Pluto to be legally considered a planet while in the skies over their respective states. For you, it might not be, but out in this neck of the woods, Pluto actually still is a planet, sometimes.

Yeeeaeaaah, to be honest I don’t give weight to a bunch of state lawmakers declaring Pluto is sometimes a planet based on non-scientific evidence (apparently Illinois only did it because the founder of Pluto came from that state) vs. an internationally recognized body of astronomers. I just consider it one of those hokey laws that nobody takes seriously and future generations will shake their head at. Isn’t Pluto outside of their legal jurisdiction anyway? 

I’m really curious if this ruling affects state curriculum and textbooks and other materials. Does anyone know? And is it just me or is it only Americans that are kicking up a fuss about this? I can’t find any other examples of this kind of backlash from other countries and I’m really curious to know.

wateryphotons asked:
Hi bud! On the subject of Pluto's planetary status, another reason it was declassified was similar to that of why another now dwarf planet was declassified - Plutoids. After we discovered a "planet" between Mars and Jupiter, we started discovering a whole fuckload more. This is what we now call the Asteroid belt. Pluto is part of what we now know as the Kuiper belt, but was not classified as such until we found a larger object within said belt. Hope that helps!

It took me a while to get this (those darn word limits, they’re terrible for conversations that need length for clarification), but what I think you’re saying is that Ceres’s and Pluto’s history is quite similar, because they were both thought to be planets at first before discovering many other objects in their “belt”, the Asteroid Belt and the Kuiper Belt respectively.

And wow, that historical comparison didn’t even occur to me! That’s brilliant. Makes me wonder if people back then got angry when scientists decided that Ceres wasn’t a planet after all, the comparisons to today would be interesting.

I did a bit of additional research and found a list of former planets on Wikipedia hahaha. Heck, even the freaking SUN was once considered a planet in the outdated geocentric model.


chernicals asked:
i LOVE your infographic and i wish the dwarf planets got more recognition! people need to understand that 'dwarf' does not mean 'insignificant'! pluto is in good company with its dwarf planet brethren :) god, i love space

YES I love space so much that I could talk about it all day and I’m not even mad that my art blog has turned into a science discussion blog, it’s so fun :D

Dwarf planets need more love and recognition, seriously, there’s nothing wrong with them. It’s like there’s some sort of weird “-ism” where planets are somehow superior to every other object in the solar system just because we live on one? And people have to preserve Pluto’s status so its feelings don’t get hurt? I find it strange.

Either way, Pluto has the honor of being the first and most famous dwarf planet discovered among the potentially thousands of them yet undiscovered. Heck, even all of the other TNO dwarf planets out there are called “Plutoids”, so I’d say Pluto is actually doing pretty well.